White wine, old sins …

Even if the truth is cruel, we had better find out before we throw ourselves headlong into the reverie that vices create for us and that bring absolutely nothing good into our lives. Enjoy reading and be very careful which wine drinker you choose with you!


The devil does not take the form of a gloomy, black entity, shrouded in the mixture of mankind’s sins. He comes in disguise in everything you’ve ever wanted. The strong taste of your semi-sweet red lips perfectly outlines the apparent innocence of the semi-dry white of your dress. The refined rose of your perfume makes all of them want to taste your inviting sweets. It perfectly hides alcohol, which slows down their reason, control and clear vision of the world. The veil of mist, whether red or white, embraces their senses and leaves them with you. How long do they have to the bottom of the bottle? Too little. Far too little. They want you, they dream of you, the addiction is here. Alcohol kills, tobacco and drugs too. But what effect do you have? You don’t want them.


You want it. You drive them away because you can, because you already own them anyway. And you throw them with the title deed in front of you, destroying everything. But you burn too. You look forward to your unattainable aspiration, the seemingly invincible one, materializing. Bite and taste the gloomy star hovering over your future. He stared. You don’t even come. Dry or sweet, it doesn’t matter. Alcohol does not exist. The scent has spread throughout the world. Now you are doomed to sit on the stand of life and let them just look, but never touch you. He sees the multitude of wines, but not you. Look with admiration at the more beautiful, less dusty packaging. It doesn’t matter that they are worse. Life is too short to NOT drink all bad wines, right? So drink them, taste them put the lid on and throw them away! Until maybe someday, in a never, in his month no one, in any year, please take me too! Will I have the same fate as them? Or you will find out in the end that YES, the Devil really dresses from Prada from the new collection with white outfits and red lips and it doesn’t matter what you wanted, but what I wanted! ”


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