When you think only of your own good …

When you think only of your good, it is possible to do yourself harm. Forgetting that you also have your role in the world you live in, you may wake up alone at some point because you did not respond to those who needed you. Due to your lack of money, time or mood, you may be kicking out opportunities and people you will regret.


And we have our part to do here. We have people to help too. Even if they arise in difficult times in our lives, extending a hand to those who really need them could save us as well. Our good will not really happen if we do evil, if we live in ignorance, even if we materially shudder.


Doing well is a choice. God teaches us to help our neighbor. Even if we have to postpone our own plans for a while, let’s help when we have the opportunity. The fact that we will be late for work or we will be left with less money in our wallet or we will get home a few minutes / hours later is not a big thing if we can help, but it is a great thing for the one who needs us!


Living in fluff does not bring you any satisfaction if your soul cries. Having all the material riches on Earth does not help you to get to Heaven. Not caring about anything but yourself is so sad that we could cry for pity. Letting love manifest in your life is priceless. God loves us all in a unique way, that’s why he teaches us, that’s why he goes through trials: to grow us big. He takes His role as Father very seriously, and His love for us is boundless. If He loves us so much, can’t we love the rest of the people at least a little? Can’t we give of our time, patience or wealth to others?


We can close our eyes to the needs of the people around us. We can also open our eyes and ask God to help us. Realizing that we also have something to do here and even realizing that something changes us for the better. Helping does not mean stopping our own lives, on the contrary. It means living to the fullest. We can do good to others, even if we don’t have much. Or can we live well thanks to ourselves … but how long before we die inside?


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