When you meet him, you will understand that nothing has mattered before, you will put aside all the suffering of the past and you will understand how beautiful the future is.

“Open your eyes well when you choose it!” it’s the advice most mothers give their daughters before they find the man to stay with for the rest of their lives … and then repeat it until it gets into their subconscious. Who could blame them for wanting all the good in the world for their children? Well, those mothers will support them even when the girls make less inspired decisions … This happens all the time, because parental advice goes in one ear and out the other.


The recipe for life is very simple: you, a woman, will know many men as long as you live. At some point, you will find the one with whom you will be able to be happy for the rest of your life from then on. But so far, it’s your choice what you do with the ones before. Be very careful not to confuse your hormones with true feelings. No one can think of you, not even your mother. You have been endowed with reason, patience and strength, so that you can make good decisions if you struggle a little.


True love is not often felt in life. You will fall in love several times, but you will only be able to truly love one. When you meet him, you will understand why he did not go with anyone until then. He will not promise you the sea with salt, but he will offer it to you without thinking. He will not ask you for immense sacrifices, he will not take advantage of your goodness, but he will only stand by you, helping you, comforting you when you need it. He will be the man next to whom you will discover what life means. Together you will be able to build your own world, and the people around you will be just episodic characters in that world.


He will heal you from the wounds others have inflicted on you in the past. He will care about everything that has happened, but he will not judge you, just as you will not judge him. Only then will you understand that all you have experienced so far have been just unsuccessful experiments. He will bring you peace, he will change you better and better, and you in turn will change him. He will make you happy! You will no longer have to hide or pretend, because you will feel it in your whole being.


I can’t help but give advice: take great care of yourself! Every man who enters your intimate life will take something with him when he leaves, so narrow that circle of people to the limit. Do not let yourself be exposed from the first moments, because butterflies appear and disappear, but regrets remain for a long time and it takes a lot of effort to forgive. This can be avoided if you want to seek love and you will not play with your life.


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