When you judge others, you are actually talking about yourself.

It’s really hard to control your words … there are and always will be people around you with different opinions, with a different kind of thinking and a different kind of being than you. Will you understand those people, will you accept them as they are, even with values ​​other than your own? Or will you at least leave them alone without fueling any frustration? Will you understand that there are beautiful ways to live even if they are not the same ones you follow? Or will you fill yourself with venom, swell your feathers, and continue to judge?


I ask these questions because not only once did I find myself trapped in my own thoughts that do me no honor … maybe I didn’t speak, maybe I didn’t want to, but my thoughts took me in that direction: of the judgment of others. Many times I bragged to myself about how I would have reacted at times, about how I would raise some children I don’t have yet … in other words, I noticed a little too carefully the mistakes of those around me and I forgotten by mine.


The life of others should not fascinate you at all as long as you do not have a role in it. Before you open your mouth about certain people, think a little about yourself. Think about your life, think about the fact that you still have a lot of work to do until you please God and that a piece of advice that you could give to others should not be related to your frustrations, desires. with the things you want to do.


We often judge others for the mistakes we make ourselves. Everyone has shortcomings, everyone wants more (but each in terms of what he considers important to him), but life is not a struggle with those around him. Many will end up with what you want before you … maybe in other ways, which you will not consider worthy or correct. Well, leave them alone! It is not your job. Don’t envy them and don’t want what they have, because God has a big plan for you too, but you have to want to let Him help you … Never shed poisonous words on others, no matter the circumstances. You better shut up and pray for them and for yourself, so that the next time you have the opportunity to think badly, this will change and turn you into more and more good!


You will never succeed alone, ask God to help you.


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