When you have insomnia …

Have you ever had insomnia? Have you thought so much about everything around you, about problems, so hard that you failed to put eyelash on eyelash? Did emotions and anxiety overwhelm you so much that you couldn’t sleep for nights? And if so, what did you do then?


Get in bed and think about your dreams. Think about everything you really want, what you want to do, whether the obstacles that have arisen in your life at this time give you the impression that everything is so far away. Think about where you want to be tomorrow, even if it’s far from bad. Dream with your eyes open without being afraid that you are too bold.


Pray! Ask for forgiveness for everything you have done and it is not God’s will, ask for forgiveness even for sins you do not know. Ask God to help you, to put you on the path He has prepared for you! Because He knows you better than you know yourself and believe me, He will do things much better than you would do for yourself. Loves you. And He truly loves you, even when you are wrong to Him, He loves you without expecting anything from you. He loves you because He is love. And as proof, He gave us His love as a gift, even though we have never shown that we are worthy of it!


Everything that is impossible for you, for God is possible. Ask Him to guide you, ask Him to make you a new man. Ask Him anything. Talk to God even about your lack of sleep, about your dreams. He knows them anyway, don’t be afraid to confess to Him everything you have in your soul. Just tell him. He will listen to you with pleasure. He forgave you. He is our Father, who wants us to be sincere even when we are groceries so that we can be forgiven. He wants us saved. And we have so little to do, because He who has been hard for us for so long …


When you have insomnia, find time for God and free your soul from everything you have in your life. Allow Him to come into your life and work. What he does is holy. Even if sleep is impossible for you, know that with Him everything is possible!


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