When mom was not home, mother in law shaves the baby’s head – Watch the mother’s reaction!

Not all people get along well with their in-laws, and some of them get into pretty lit discussions. It happened to a mother after she left her daughter with her husband and his parents.

She left the house thinking that her baby is in good hands, but when she came back she had a huge surprise, actually less of a surprise.

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It was a sunny day, and a visit to the parents sounded like a great idea. The new parents visited the husband’ parents with their gorgeous baby, as they didn’t visit them so far in this formation.

Everything good so far, when they arrived, the mom realized that she had to visit the pharmacy in order to pick up a prescription.

Without imagining what it was about to happen while she was away, she left, leaving the baby in good care. It’s true, she had a bit of anxiety as this was her first child, but she told herself that everything is ok.

The mother-in-law showed much interest in looking after the baby, she was very happy to do it, without asking other questions. Apparently she was waiting for this opportunity since the baby was born and seen pictures with her.

As soon as the mother left the house, the mother-in-law expressed a big smile on her face, from ear to ear, caressed the little girl’s hair for a moment, and took her to the bathroom.

The mother put her hands on a head shaver and started to remove every piece of hair, turning the baby’s head into a small and shiny bulb.

You can just imagine what happened when the mother returned home to her daughter. Her reaction? Not what the mother-in-law expected!

As every mother would react when returning to her baby, she started to express her anger to the in-laws and father. She started asking loudly why she would do something like that to her granddaughter, without asking for her consent.

Her reason was pretty simple: she didn’t like her messy hair and considered that babies should be bald in their first months of life.
The angry mother turned to her husband and asked for more explanations, asking how he could stay there and do nothing.

With a shivering voice, he stated that his mother asked for his permission to change the looks of their baby, and he agreed, putting himself even more in the “mouth of the lion”.

More than that, the husband helped cleaning the shavings. Round two of anger had begun at that moment, as she clearly didn’t expect her husband to be an accomplice in this mischief.

The mother calmed down after expressing her anger, but every time she would look at her daughter, a spark would appear again and make her go back to her previous state of mind.

Apparently, the in-law mom asked her in the past to let her shave the baby’s head, but she took that as a joke.

The angry mother then started to realize that she was not joking back then, reflecting on her unusual sense of humor.

After she calmed down completely, she started to list some rules about her baby, including never changing her appearance without asking. Then she told her husband to be a man instead of a mama’s boy and agree with everything she says and wants.

She posted the whole story online, and people left plenty of comments with different opinions, some of them saying that the in-law mother did nothing wrong and some agreeing with the mother.

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