A father discovered strange marks on his boy’s hand.

The signs appeared to be meaningless; but, when Matthew Beard’s son explained what they meant, he was frightened by what he heard. He found out that his son’s scratched notes on his hand were his way of keeping count of how many times he was tormented at school. The notes were written on his son’s right hand.

Within the first week of starting high school, his kid was the target of verbal and physical bullying, and he was even keeping a tally on his hands. Now, the concerned father from London has resorted to social media to share his message with other parents.

According to Birmingham Live, he has also called on educational institutions to “come down harder” on bullies and suggested that the parents of bullies should be penalized. He stated, “It has been a little over a week since my son started high school.”

“On his hand, here, he has kept a record of how many times in the last two days he has been bullied, either verbally or physically. This record is written on his hand. in total twenty-one It’s very upsetting to think about. The schools need to take stronger action against bullies, and the parents of bullies should be penalised.

He continued by saying, “He wanted to show us how often it’s happened in only the past two days of school.” You just have no idea what goes on, yet you want your children to be safe while they are at school. I have no doubt that everything will work out in the end.”

Hundreds of individuals have expressed their concern in response to the account. Philippa said: “That’s dreadful Matt. I hope he is doing alright.

Surviving school feels like one of my biggest achievements. They don’t do enough to stop it, and they propose that the victim modify themselves far too frequently in order to stop the bullying. They have to take action against the bullies and put an end to it!

When Lily was asked about her profession, Matt responded, “I’m a teacher, and when I worked in schools, you wouldn’t believe how often it happens.”

It’s likely that your HOD or the people in charge of protecting you are aware of the situation, but they’re too afraid to do anything about it. There is an immediate need to do more of this! That really gets my blood boiling.

Jo shared her thoughts, saying, “Just by having this conversation with you, he has already cleared the first and most significant obstacle.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the school will address the issue! A lot of affection and good vibes for Harry.”


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