What Judge Judy has said about the event following her on-air mini-stroke

Judy Sheindlin has been through more than her fair share of enlightening legal battles, but nothing could have prepared her for what occurred to her during one of her live performances.

In 2011, Judge Judy actress Judy Geller felt that she had a mini-stroke while performing in front of her audience. Geller is now the executive producer of her new show, Judy Justice.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Judy discussed the terrifying experience and acknowledged that she believes she may have suffered a transient ischemic attack.

Judy reportedly stated the following to Good Morning America: “The people that watched me for 15 years noticed something was wrong, and without asking – which was probably a very smart thing, because I would have said, ‘Don’t go there – they called paramedics.” This information was obtained from the New York Post.

According to reports, the actor, who is 79 years old, began “asking questions in slow motion,” which prompted the producers to call an ambulance.

Judy’s physicians suspected that she may have suffered a mini-stroke; nonetheless, she reported that she was in good health despite their concerns. It’s possible that I experienced a transient ischemic attack, but those symptoms eventually disappear.

To our great relief, Judy has not suffered any further attacks and continues to enjoy excellent health; she even has a new show.

She said, “I’m not tired,” when she was asked if she had any plans to retire from her work in television. I am not a golfer or a tennis player. I have no interest in becoming skilled in checkers, chess, or mahjong and have no plans to do so.

“I am aware of the activities that I enjoy. Why, at this point in my life, would I want to try to discover something else when I already know what it is that I like?

This year, Judy and her husband Jerry Sheindlin, who she has been married to for 45 years, will mark their anniversary. Off-screen, Judy also has a wonderful home life.

They were in the early stages of their marriage when they separated for almost a year, but they got back together and have been content ever since they did that.


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