Prince William’s unfortunate injury ruined any chance of following his dream.

On Thursday, Prince William and Princess Kate paid a visit to the Olympic Park in east London. During their time there, the Prince of Wales displayed a talent that had never been seen before.

Apprentice Gabrielle Reid, 18, convinced the royal to don a pair of boxing gloves and face off against a punchbag. She then provided an insider’s perspective on the royal’s abilities in the boxing ring.

The royal, who is 40 years old. “I instructed him in the fundamentals, such as the one-two and the jab. He wasn’t even that horrible! It was easy for him to understand. There were also some defensive maneuvers, such as slides and rolls.”

Because William said to Gabrielle, “I could never get the hang of how to slip,” we can deduce that he had previously participated in some form of boxing.

The father of three went on to box with another participant, who provided a clue as to why William was so comfortable in the ring by observing how well William boxed. “He told me he had done a bit before,” he admitted to me after the conversation. “He had a few abilities under his belt.”

An attendee shared the following information with us: “He’s got a small knuckle injury, so he wouldn’t be picking it up anytime soon,” which explains why we have never been privy to William’s boxing talents.

Football is a sport that Prince William is known to have a strong interest in, and he even participated in a little bit of the game while he was there.

The future king committed fouls at a little inflatable goal where the objective was to rack up points by successfully hitting a number of predetermined targets. Before pulling the trigger, he remarked in jest, “Is it good enough to just get it in there?”

Boxing is currently out of the question for Prince William since he has a knuckle ailment.

William and Kate were attending the celebration of the ten-year anniversary of the sports charity Coach Core. William made the following statement during the event:

“Sport has an incredible way of providing hope, connection, and opportunity. When Coach Core was established ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, it was designed to use that power to help change young people’s lives.”


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