What Happens if You Are in Love with a Married Man?

Falling for a married man might initially feel exhilarating, but such relationships seldom lead to a happy ending. While it might start as an exciting escape, it quickly turns into an emotional rollercoaster for both you and the married man. This could lead to a bitter divorce and a heartbroken family. Even if he divorces his spouse, lingering bitterness and distrust might undermine your relationship.

Think about this: The married man you’re seeing is cheating on his wife. This is what you can expect when you date a married man.

1. You Will Never Be His Top Priority

A married man has a wife and family. Even if he claims he no longer loves his wife, he still has kids. His children remain his top priority, especially if they are young. His obligations to his family will always come before you.

2. He Won’t Meet Your Family and Friends

Introducing your partner to your close family or friends is a special moment, where they get to meet the person you’ve spoken about so often. Unfortunately, a married man will not be able to partake in this special moment.

3. He Is Unlikely to Leave His Wife

Few married men leave their wives for the woman they are having an affair with, and the harsh reality is, you are unlikely to be the exception. Divorce is a complicated process and can be very messy. If he has kids, their emotional well-being will be his main concern.

4. You Could Be Blamed for Ruining a Family

If his wife discovers the affair, their marriage may come to an end, and you might be blamed for the dissolution. This can inflict significant damage to your self-esteem and character. It’s a heavy burden to bear, no matter who you are.

5. You’ll Be Waiting Around for a Long Time

The question isn’t whether he’ll leave his wife for you, but whether you are willing to wait and find out. With seven billion people on the planet, is he truly worth the wait? Consider his ethics and morals—if he’s cheating on his wife now, what’s stopping him from cheating on you in the future?

6. You’re Missing Out on Meeting a Single Man

The chances are slim that he will leave his wife for you, and you’ll end up being “the other woman.” Even though many women believe they would never put themselves in such a position, a surprising number think their situation might be different. But this approach can keep you from meeting a single man who can be fully committed to you.

7. He Won’t Support You When You Need It

One of the great perks of a committed relationship is having someone to lean on during tough times. However, a married man with a family is unlikely to be able to support you fully. His primary attention and resources are devoted to his family, and he can only meet you sporadically as it is.

8. You Are Short-Term

If you are engaged in an affair, it likely won’t last. The unfortunate truth is, the longer the affair continues, the less likely he is to leave his wife for you.

9. It Is Exhausting to Keep It Secret

Having to hide your relationship can hurt your self-esteem and cause you to miss out on the many wonderful aspects of a genuine relationship. Walking together freely and proudly in the world is an irreplaceable experience.


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