Randy Travis Mourns the Loss of a Dear Friend

Country music star Randy Travis recently expressed his heartfelt sympathies for his former stagehand, Thomas Roberts, who tragically passed away. In a touching Facebook post on July 10, Travis shared his grief, stating, “With the passing of Thom Roberts, the stage has dimmed.”

For many years, Thom Roberts was an integral part of the Randy Travis band and crew, serving as a talented stage lighting technician. Travis fondly remembers Roberts as a gentle giant, always wearing a smile and carrying a song in his heart. He describes Thom’s presence as subtle yet captivating, igniting the souls of all who witnessed his remarkable artistry in lighting the stage. Thom’s “can do” and “glad to do it” attitude endeared him to everyone he worked with.

Travis’s bond with Thom Roberts went beyond the professional realm; they were friends. He loved Roberts and cherished the memories they created while enduring countless miles on the road together. As Travis prepares to hit the road for his upcoming “More Life” tour, he acknowledges that the music will never be as wonderful without Thom’s talent. However, he finds solace in the blessing of having had Thom Roberts by his side for so many years.

While Thomas Roberts’s untimely passing is a heart-wrenching blow, Randy Travis believes that the light Roberts created in their hearts will never fade away. Travis envisions flashes of Thom’s handiwork in the night sky, reassurance that his dear friend is now at peace.

The circumstances surrounding Thomas Roberts’s tragic demise are deeply troubling. According to reports, he was shot and killed at the age of 68. Allegedly, Roberts’s wife, Christine Ann Roberts, 72, fired the fatal shot. She claimed that she acted out of anger and betrayal, believing her husband had cheated on her. The veracity of these allegations is still uncertain.

Upon hearing the gunshots, a concerned neighbor called 911, and first responders arrived at the scene. Tragically, Thomas Roberts was pronounced dead. He had faithfully served as a stagehand for Randy Travis for over 20 years until Travis’s stroke in 2013.

As Randy Travis mourns the loss of his dear friend, he cherishes the memories they shared and the remarkable talent that Thom Roberts brought to the stage. The music world has truly lost a shining light, but Thom’s legacy will live on in the hearts of all who knew and loved him.


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