What Happens If You Are in Love with a Married Man?

Although dating a married man might give you a thrilling rush, these relationships seldom end on a happy note. What starts as an exciting distraction can quickly turn into emotional heartache for both you and your married partner. This often leads to nasty divorces and broken families. And even if your married partner divorces their spouse, past bitterness and mistrust can ruin your relationship.

Think about this: The married man you’re involved with is already cheating on his wife. This is what happens when you date a married man!

1. You Will Never Be the Number One Priority

A married man has a wife and family. Even if he says he no longer loves his wife, he still has kids, and they are his main priority, especially if they’re young. His commitments to his family will always come before you.

2. He Will Never Meet Your Family and Friends

It’s a special moment when someone you’re dating meets your close friends or family members. But if you’re dating a married man, it’s unlikely he will ever meet them, depriving you of that special connection and acknowledgment in your life.

3. He’s Probably Not Going to Leave His Wife

Very few married men actually leave their wives for the woman they’re having an affair with. Divorce is a big, messy affair, and if there are kids involved, their well-being becomes the main priority. It’s a tough and often cruel truth, but you’re not likely to be an exception to this rule.

4. You Could Be Blamed for Ruining a Family

If his wife finds out about the affair, it could spell the end of their marriage. You may find yourself blamed for ruining their family, which can severely damage your sense of self-worth and character. No matter who you are, this kind of blame will affect you profoundly.

5. You’ll Be Waiting Around for a Long Time

Whether or not he decides to leave his wife for you, do you really want to wait around to find out? With seven billion people on the planet, is this man truly worth waiting for? Remember, he’s already cheating on his wife. What’s to stop him from doing the same thing to you?

6. You’re Missing Out on Meeting a Single Man

If he doesn’t leave his wife for you, you’ll miss the opportunity to meet someone who is available and willing to commit to you. Many women convince themselves that the married man will eventually leave his wife, but the reality is much harsher and rarely in their favor.

7. He Won’t Support You When You Need It

One of the benefits of being in a committed relationship is having someone to lean on during tough times. However, a married man with kids and a wife likely won’t have the capacity to support you fully. He can only see you sporadically, making it difficult for you to rely on him.

8. You Are Short-Term

As long as the affair remains an


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