What does it mean when a person who has passed away appears in your dream. It should make you think

To dream of a person who has died is disturbing. In popular tradition, when you dream that you come in contact with a deceased person, whether you talk to him or listen to him, it means that you will receive unexpected news or that you will have radical changes in your life.

The interpretation, however, can make you think because it says that the appearance of a dead person in a dream means that he has not yet found peace, and religious books encourage the performance of additional rituals to satisfy the wish of the deceased.

Psychologically, dreaming of a dead person (whom you do not know) can mean the end of a stage in your life. It can be about “dead” feelings and lost interpersonal relationships.

If, however, the person you dream of is close to you and has recently died, you do not have to worry, because it means that you are still suffering from this, which is perfectly normal.

You may feel lacking in motivation and you may feel that you are walking on the spot and that you are not able to move forward in life, no matter how hard you try. So, the dead person in the dream may be a part of you that you would like to leave behind.

Depending on the circumstances in which the dead person appears in a dream, there are several interpretations:

– if he is alive and participates in the action as if nothing had happened, but without having the main role, then the dream is related to a latent feeling of longing for the person, which hurts, not to mention, but, of very disturbing or intense feelings.

– if the deceased person has an important role in the dream action and you strive to help him, it means that you feel that you left something unresolved between you when he was alive.

– if the deceased person tries to advise you with something, it means that in real life you need guidance, protection, and comfort. Maybe you feel lonely and powerless, and this aspect is reflected in what you dream. Such a dream, in which a spirit shows you the way, can be very comforting in difficult times.

A 1992 study of dreaming of deceased loved ones identified four categories of such dreams. In the first, the dreamer of the deceased is surprised that he appears in life. These dreams are called “resurrection” dreams and accounted for 39% of the dreams of those who participated in the study. They involve a form of denial of the death of a loved one.

The second category, mentioned above, is the one in which the dreamer receives advice from the deceased person and represented 23% of the dreams on this topic. They usually occur long after the person’s disappearance and trigger positive feelings, showing that the dreamer has come to terms with the unfortunate event.

The third category of dreams that include dead people are those in which the deceased say goodbye and assure the dreamer that everything is fine. These dreams accounted for 29% of cases in the study.

The fourth and last category is the one in which dreams about the dead acquire a philosophical nuance, and the sleeper asks questions about his own existence, referring to the loved one who perished. These dreams accounted for 18% of cases.

So, when you dream of a dead person, the subconscious tries to cope with loss and suffering, but you may already be reconciled to the idea that a loved one has died and received guidance and a sense of protection from such a dream.

Regardless of the effects, these dreams are not among the most common, so pay attention to them and try to figure out what they are saying about your current mental state.


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