What about this love?

If anyone can give me a concrete definition of love, it’s worth a prize. If you can describe it in detail in words, if you can put it in patterns and know exactly how it manifests, you have my congratulations! What I understand is that love for everyone is felt in a certain way and you rarely find two that look alike, because God loves each of us uniquely. What is even clearer to me is that people would not have been able to love each other if God had not loved us first.


Why am I so sure? Simple. Because we humans are limited. We can love, we can care to the point, we can endure the wounds of the soul to a point. At some point we get very tired and want to give up. We alone will never end up being happy, loving at full capacity … because we did not create happiness and love, but we received them as a gift from God without us deserving them! We have the proof of love from Him: Jesus sacrificed his life so that we could live without sin, even though He knew that we would continue to sin and disappoint Him. How many of us would do this for anyone close to us? How many of us would endure shame, pain, and worst of all, rejection from the Father to save another? This is the truth … we are limited in love if we are ALONE.


You are human. You are surrounded by people who will make a mistake at some point, who may hurt you in every way. It can be the life partner who is violent, it can be the boss who abuses his position to force you to work even beyond your powers sometimes, it can be a friend who offended you with words, it can be anyone. Can you still love these people with all your heart? Can you look at them with love and even help them? I’m sure not. But I’m sure God can.


I know for sure that love is in us because God put it there. I know for sure that we often consume it in vain. I know for sure that we can rebuild our resources if we ask God to help us love. It is incredibly beautiful to love those around us, even if they choose not to do the same. It is incredible to see the beauty of each one. It is incredible to know that we are loved in our turn. It is incredible that we have a gentle, good and just Father who never sleeps and listens to our prayers. Love is a gift He has given us, knowing from the beginning that we will disappoint Him. Love is an undeserved gift.


I think this love is real. I think we have something to thank God for. He makes it real between people … and I think maybe I won’t be able to give him an exact definition until I leave this world that I see. I believe that love between people is also possible because of Him and I believe that His love is unconditional and without limits. That’s all I’ve understood about love so far.


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