We love “happy to old age”, but are we willing to get there?

We all grew up with this refrain in our ears, in our minds and in our souls. The princess always found her prince, they loved each other from the first, they married and stayed together forever, happy and beautiful, as we all want. They did not run away from the relationship, whatever happened along the way in the relationship between the prince and the princess, they accepted, forgave each other and still loved each other.


I have the impression that nowadays we do our best to run away from a relationship in the true sense of the word. We are willing to let someone love us, but we do not want to give them the right to ever hurt us. That’s why, when it comes to more than attraction, about that feeling of “pleasant” to each other, everything is super nice, it’s okay, but then comes the “hard” … when we feel that everything goes to more, when we feel that really that person is starting to gain more square inches in our heart, it’s like we feel like running away … and we choose to do it.


In fact, I don’t think we really want a relationship. We want to live by our own rules, so that they are not violated by someone else. We want to talk on Facebook, through messages … possibly a different status from “single” .. And that’s it. We don’t want a relationship with everything it involves. We don’t want a connection in the true sense of the word, we don’t want to bother to really know the man who is supposed to be next to us … we don’t want to put our soul on the tray in front of him and give him the right to be there. The effort is too great and in the first phase it doesn’t seem worth the effort …


We do not want to be held in place under any circumstances. We think that the relationship with someone would prevent us from achieving our goals, we are afraid that a relationship would prevent us from advancing, developing, getting to know each other. We want to connect with people to satisfy our desire to be seen, to be held in our arms, even to be loved … but we rarely stay there.


At some point we get to know the man next to us as he is … even if in the first phase the qualities were the ones that stood out, easy, easy, along the way, we will also know the defects … and we would some may not delight us too much. Are we still there? Are we willing to continue to love the incomplete man? Or do we continue the search, because it has a fish pond?


We want to be happy until old age, but are we willing to put in the effort?


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