We have pretensions …

We have demands from every person, thing or event. We expect love, understanding, compassion from people, from things we claim to last long and well … at least until we decide that they are no longer useful and decide to throw them away. We expect to grow with every opportunity, to advance on the social scale, at work or spiritually … we have demands from everywhere and we always want everything from life.


We always have pretensions, but too rarely do we look at ourselves. It is so easy for us to look at the other’s faults and it is so hard for us to be aware of our own. We attack ourselves so easily when others make mistakes and we find it so hard to realize how much we make mistakes. We have demands from everyone, but how often do these demands come to us. Maybe if we focused on “doing” and not on “getting ready”, we would be able to transform this world as a whole.


The biggest demands from yourself to have. To claim to help those in need, to claim to listen to God, to claim to learn to cry out for forgiveness when you make a mistake, to claim to work for what you want, to claim to achieve your goals, to claim to dream, to claim to be free from a world that guides you to vices, these are the demands you must have. To claim to never be disappointed is absurd. You’re surrounded by people who are as perfect as you are … that is, not at all. And that’s good! You will receive lessons through them, you will learn to appreciate. Thank God for every second of your life, because He knows what His plans are for you.


The claims are good, but especially when they are directed at you. And the others have demands on you. Always keep your word, even if you lose … or don’t promise. No one is obliged to meet your expectations, just as you are not obliged to meet the expectations of others, but respecting the premises you make, you respect yourself. Pretend to have you, to motivate yourself, because no one but you is responsible for your success or failure. Don’t expect anything from the rest … because that way no one will disappoint you and that way you will be free to live your life the way you want, not to depend on people.


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