We are deeply saddened to share the news of the passing of a beloved actress

We are deeply saddened to share the news of the passing of a beloved actress, famed for her iconic role in the classic film “Grease.” At 72, she has left an enduring legacy in Hollywood, enchanting audiences with her remarkable talent and vibrant performances. Her contributions to the world of entertainment have touched countless lives, and she will be remembered for the joy and warmth she brought both on and off the screen. As we honor her life and career, we reflect on the indelible mark she has made in our hearts and in the industry.

On May 7, the world mourned the loss of Susan Buckner, a beloved actress who touched the hearts of many. Buckner, known for her role as Patty Simcox in the cult classic Grease, passed away at the age of 72.

For those who adored Grease, Buckner’s portrayal of the bubbly cheerleader Patty Simcox remains etched in our memories. She brought joy and laughter to the screen, alongside the late Olivia Newton-John’s character, Sandy.

According to a statement from Buckner’s family, the actress passed away on May 2, surrounded by her loved ones. Melissa Berthier, a publicist for the family, shared that Susan died peacefully.

In a heartfelt statement, Buckner’s daughter, Samantha Mansfield, described her mother as her best friend. She spoke about the light Susan brought into every room and how it will be missed forever. Samantha acknowledged her mother’s magic and expressed gratitude for having the privilege of calling her mom her best friend.

Before pursuing a career in acting, Susan Buckner was a successful pageant queen. In 1971, she won the title of Miss Washington and went on to compete in the Miss America pageant, showcasing her talents and charm.

After her time as a pageant queen, Buckner joined The Golddiggers, an all-female singing and dancing group seen on The Dean Martin Show. Her talent continued to shine as she captivated audiences with her performances.

In her later years, Susan Buckner played an influential role in inspiring the next generation of actors. She directed the children’s theater at an elementary school in Florida, instilling a love for the arts in the hearts of young performers. She also shared her passion for dance, teaching at a gym in Coral Gables.

While the cause of her passing remains undisclosed, Susan Buckner leaves behind a lasting legacy. She is survived by her two children, Samantha and Adam, her four grandchildren, and her longtime partner, Al.

Let us remember Susan Buckner as an extraordinary actress, a supportive friend, and an inspiration to all who shared in her love for the arts. Her talent and kind spirit will be dearly missed, but her legacy will live on in the memories of those she touched.


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