Watch Out: A New Carjacking Technique You Need to Know About

It’s incredibly important to stay aware of potential hazards, especially in our busy lives. When it comes to keeping yourself and your car safe, you shouldn’t ignore this key safety tip: if you ever notice a plastic bottle stuck between your car tire and the chassis, be cautious.

A New Carjacking Method

Recently, thieves have come up with an effective new method to target vehicles. The technique involves placing a water bottle on a car tire, and it was first seen in Limpopo, South Africa. Unfortunately, it has quickly spread to other parts of the world, including the US.

Unveiling the Carjacking Scheme

To protect yourself, it’s crucial to understand how this scheme works. Carjackers use the plastic bottle as a signal. They strategically place it on the front passenger-side wheel, so it goes unnoticed when you get in the car.

When you start driving and hear the sound of the bottle crunching, it catches your attention. Naturally, you would stop to investigate the noise. This creates an opportunity for the thief to take action. If you’ve left your keys in the ignition, they can quickly hop in and drive away. In some cases, they might steal your valuables, like a cell phone or wallet, while you are distracted and outside the vehicle. This dangerous situation occurs the moment you step out to check the source of the sound.

Keeping Yourself and Your Car Safe

To protect yourself from this carjacking technique, remain vigilant. Always check your wheels for anything unusual before getting into your car. If you find a plastic bottle wedged between the tire and frame, proceed with caution.

Remember, the thief may be nearby, watching. Stay calm and discreetly call 911 to inform the authorities about your suspicions and your exact location, as well as details about your car.

Remain Alert in a More Complicated World

In today’s complicated world, staying alert and prioritizing your safety is essential. By being aware of this new carjacking method involving plastic bottles, you can minimize risks to yourself and your vehicle. Always remember, your safety is the top priority.


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