Use nice words!

Words can work wonders and troubles. What is certain is that they have more power than we ever imagined. Even when we have the feeling that no one hears us, we are sorely mistaken. The reality we live in is just a little bit of the truth that really exists. God has great plans for people, and this earth is just a small particle.


What we say shows what we have in our hearts. Think that every human being resembles a glass of water, which has sand on the bottom. When you look at the water, everything seems quiet, because the sand is settled. When we shake the glass, we see how the water mixes with the sand, and we see that the peace we begged for in us is apparent and that we have enough sand …


Many times we have no idea how much good we do with a simple compliment. We may not even realize how much our encouragement matters to a man who needs it. We may not even realize how we change the lives of some people by simply intersecting their direction with theirs for a few moments on a typical day, but we get a blessing. We have no idea how much power God has left for our words.


The fact that we have the power to do good by simply saying a blessing, a few good words, seems incredible to me. This clearly tells me that God loves us so much that He has put His Power in our hands, and not because we deserve such an honor, but only out of true love. It is the most beautiful thing in the world, but we must be aware of the enormous responsibility we have.


Our words are incredible, and what we actually say we have in our hearts. They are an opportunity to cleanse ourselves of the sand that has settled on the bottom of our soul, because it helps us discover how far we are from that crystalline water we long for. Let’s pay attention to what we say and ask God to cleanse everything that is bad in us!


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