Update on Beloved Zookeeper Jack Hanna’s Battle with Alzheimer’s Disease

Beloved zookeeper Jack Hanna has captured our hearts with his incredible work and love for animals. But today, we have a heartbreaking update on his condition. Jack has been battling Alzheimer’s disease for the past three years, and unfortunately, his condition continues to decline.

In a recent interview with People, Jack’s family shared their sorrow, wishing they had good news to share. They revealed that Jack is experiencing all the symptoms one would expect with advanced Alzheimer’s, and it’s a heartbreaking journey for him and his loved ones.


But even in the face of adversity, Jack’s family remains resilient. They find joy in each day, despite the challenges they face. By speaking openly about Jack’s battle with Alzheimer’s, they hope to raise awareness about this disease that affects millions of Americans and their families.

Ten months ago, The Columbus Dispatch gave us a glimpse into Jack’s life. Currently residing in Montana with his family, it was revealed that Jack now only remembers his dog, his wife, and occasionally his oldest daughter, Kathaleen. The brilliant mind that once defined him is fading away.

Jack’s wife, Suzi, admits that it feels like she is living with a mere shell of the man she once knew. But she treasures every moment they spend together. Their love has endured, even in the face of this life-altering disease. Despite the challenges, they are grateful for the beautiful memories they have created throughout their extraordinary journey.

“Our life has completely changed,” Suzi expressed. “Now, I would say we have a very, very simple life.” Despite the simplicity, they consider themselves fortunate. Their love and the support of their loved ones sustain them during this challenging time.

The heartbreaking story of Jack Hanna reminds us of the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s disease. It is a call to action to spread awareness, support ongoing research, and show compassion to those affected by this debilitating condition. Let us come together and support Jack’s family and all the families who are dealing with Alzheimer’s. Let’s offer them strength and empathy as they navigate this difficult journey.


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