Trust me, you have to try these!

Paulownia – Any variety will do the trick. Some people prefer thick, tasty slices of bologna, while others are okay with the prepackaged kind.

Bread – While fried bologna sandwiches are traditionally made using white bread, feel free to pick any type of bread you like.


Cheese Slices

Mayonnaise or Mustard



Fried Bologna


Spray a skillet or heat a small amount of oil over medium-high heat. While the pan is heating up, get your bologna ready. If you got your bologna from the deli, there’s no need to remove any outer edges. However, if you’re using brands like Bar S or Oscar Meyer, you’ll want to remove and discard the red edge.

Spread mayonnaise or mustard (or any sauce you prefer) on the bread slices. Chop up any veggies you plan to add, like tomatoes or onions, to have them ready.

Bologna cooks really fast, so it’s best to be prepared before placing it in the skillet. Once your skillet is heated and you’ve removed the red edge from the bologna, toss the slices in. You’ll hear a satisfying sizzle, much like with other sausages. As it cooks, you’ll notice the center begins to puff up.

To prevent the bologna from curling while frying, cut two X-shaped slits in the center once it starts to bubble. This will help it cook evenly and maintain its shape.

If you’re still enjoying fried bologna sandwiches like I am, here’s a yay for us! Remember to add cheese slices, tomatoes, and any other ingredients that make your sandwich extra special.


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