Trust in God first of all, then in yourself and only in the end in other people

People are genetically built to disappoint you, no matter how hard they try to be loyal, no matter how much they try to help you. Why? I don’t understand exactly, but I promise that if I find the answer, I will share it with you! The idea is that no matter how hard they try to be with you, at some point they will find a reason not to, they will find an excuse to avoid you. Something keeps us from being as good as we should be … and to get rid of that something, we need a lot of work … work that not many of us are willing to do. That’s what I think is the reason why most of us choose the easy way, which involves achieving some personal goals and not making much time for the rest of human beings, not caring about what is happening around …


When it comes to oneself, the analysis is extremely complicated. Even if we want something from our heart, even if we want to reach a certain point, either in our career or in our personal life, it is impossible for us to do it alone. At the beginning of the project we have all the enthusiasm in the world, we would do whatever the theory tells us … until we face practice. From that moment on, very few choose to follow their dreams, to go on with the belief that they will succeed … and many give up, choosing a simple, decent life, full of the small pleasures considered to be a delight … then there breaks the chain of trust that I held with my teeth until that moment and we fall into the net of the “simple” .. because it is easier to avoid work, of whatever nature it is, because it is easier to disappoint our own person than to stimulate and aspire to achieve our ideals.


God is the only one we will have close if we ask Him. When we understand how much He has done and is doing every day for us, life will take another turn. Only when we understand that He is actually working to help us and that we are only doing our job will we come to see easily, easily, what our purpose is. We are never alone, He is everywhere, we just have to ask Him to help us and reward Him instead as He asks us to. Everyone in this life has disappointed us at least once, but never God. How hard is it to trust Him? How bad is it to be good?


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