Toddler Tells Mom He Will Wait For Her Before Closing His Eyes And Passed Away

Toddler Tells Mom He Will Wait For Her Before Closing His Eyes And Passed Away

Death is not an easy moment to deal with, especially for a parent who is saying goodbye to a child. Death takes away the person that we love the most in the most unexpected time. In fact, even for those who already know that this would happen at some point, it is still not easy to accept.

They say that no parent should ever bury their child. That is why the story of this toddler saying goodbye to his mom before he passes away is going viral.

Three-year-old Nolan Scully was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. This is a rare form of soft tissue cancer. As soon as he got his initial diagnosis, his family started a Facebook page to give them an online platform where they could post their wonderful moments with him. They have hoped but they are aware of how sick their son was.

In a heartbreaking post, his mother, Ruth Scully, shared Nolans’ last words that truly touched millions of hearts worldwide.

Ruth wrote:

“On February 1, we sat down with his ENTIRE team. When his oncologist spoke, I saw the pure pain in her eyes. She had always been honest with us and fought alongside us the whole time, but his updated CT scan showed large tumors that grew, compressing his bronchial tubes and heart within four weeks of his open chest surgery. The Metastatic Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma was spreading like wildfire.”

“She explained at this time she didn’t feel his cancer was treatable as it had become resistant to all treatment options we had tried and the plan would be to keep him comfortable as he was deteriorating rapidly. After a while, I composed myself and went into Nolan’s room. He was sitting… Watching YouTube on his tablet.”

When Ruth asked Nolan if it hurts to breathe, the sweet boy replied saying “Well… Yeah.”

Though it hurts to know, she still asked, “You’re in a lot of pain, aren’t you, baby?”

He hesitated to answer, maybe not wanting to worry his mom, but he said, “Yeah.”

Ruth then assured Nolan that he doesn’t have to be in pain anymore. And he said, “I DON’T? But I will for you, mommy!”

This made Ruth realize that her son keeps fighting because he is doing it for her. She told him, “Nolan Ray, what is mommy’s job?”

He replied, “To keep me SAFE!”

She knew what this would mean but she said, “Honey… I can’t do that anymore here. The only way I can keep you safe is in heaven.”

With a surprised look on his face, he said, “So, I’ll just go to heaven and play until you get there! You’ll come, right?”

“Absolutely! You can’t get rid of mommy that easy!!” she said,

“Thank you, mommy! I’ll go play with Hunter and Brylee and Henry!”

A talk that no mother would ever want to do with her son. But she knew that she has to give him peace of mind.

Nolan passed away the day after this conversation with his mother.

Ruth asked him if he could take a shower. Nolan said, “Um, okay, mommy. Have Uncle Chris come sit with me and I’ll turn this way so I can see you.”

Nolan then went into a deep sleep and just never woke up.

Ruth further wrote:

“I stood at the bathroom door, turned to him, and said, “Keep looking right here, Poot, I’ll be out in two seconds.” He smiled at me. I shut the bathroom door. They said the moment the bathroom door clicked, he shut his eyes and went into a deep sleep, beginning the end of life passing. When I opened the bathroom door, his team was surrounding his bed and every head turned and looked at me with tears in their eyes. They said, “Ruth, he’s in a deep sleep. He can’t feel anything.”

“I ran and jumped into bed with him and put my hand on the right side of his face. Then a miracle that I will never forget happened… My angel took a breath, opened his eyes, smiled at me, and said, “I love you, mommy,” turned his head towards me, and passed away as I was singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ in his ear.”

But before he finally took his last breath, Nolan woke up out of a coma to say he loved his mom with a smile on his face.


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