To what extent does physical appearance matter?

At the beginning, the physical aspect also matters a little … even if we don’t want to admit it, we have to feel a kind of attraction for the one who is going to be our partner. However, I think that attraction manifests differently in each of us and we value things that seem insignificant to others … because the idea of ​​”beautiful” is seen differently by each of us.


The funny thing is that that physique matters less and less as the relationship grows, as the two get to know each other better and better …. why? Simple! Because you are too unlikely to be able to stay with a man who annoys you or who has completely different conceptions of anything than yours … love is built gradually, and physical beauty is one of the things whose importance fades very quickly if not it is supported by character.


People never fall in love with the physical. Yes, they are attracted to various forms and aspects, but it will never be enough to create a connection with that person. Even if people tend to start relationships with other people who physically attract them, they are not superficial enough to feel love just for that.


The truth is that physical beauty is due to everyone, but not only to the owners. Parents, with God’s help, passed on certain genes to them, for which they must be grateful … but to be truly beautiful people depends on each one. So no matter how much you rely on your physical appearance, the truth is that it fades when compared to other qualities.


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