To take a real risk is to overcome your fears. The truth is that you can succeed or you can fail, but you will always be happy that you tried.

At some point, no matter how much you may have feared such a moment before, you will be put in a position to choose whether you want to consider an opportunity or ignore it. That opportunity may involve work or events for which you do not yet feel prepared, it may involve the need to overcome some personal fears that you have had for years and that you have struggled so far to keep hidden.


And yet, behold, you are put in front of the accomplished fact. Of course, there is also the possibility of saying “no” and going back to your life so far, but always asking yourself “what would it be like if”. You are afraid of failure. You are horrified that you do not have the experience that you consider necessary to take this step.


The bare truth is that in fact we will never feel prepared enough to make big decisions. What really matters is how we react when we have the opportunity to overcome our fears. We can ignore them and “be safe” or take a deep breath and try. What can happen in the worst case? Let’s not succeed … SO, AND?


Whether you succeed or not, you will definitely feel that you have done something right. You will feel that fulfillment that you tried, that you did something for yourself … and maybe it was wonderful, maybe not. But you tried! That feeling you will feel after you cross that mental threshold (which you certainly imposed on yourself) does not compare with any success that you expected and were sure of … Try to overcome your fears, you will be proud of yourself and you will have something to learn!


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