This woman cured herself of cancer in 8 months after drinking this every day!

In 2013, Ann Cameron received the news that she had colon cancer that had progressed to Stage 4 and had spread to her lungs.

Chemotherapy was an option that was presented to her, but her oncologists informed her that it would not cure cancer; rather, it would merely put off the end of her life for a short period of time.

They estimated that at the very best she had two or three years left to live.

She came to the conclusion that chemotherapy was not the best option for her and began researching other treatments available online.

She already had a list of approximately 20 treatments, all of which had been attempted by her husband before he passed away from cancer in 2005.

During the course of her investigation, she came across a letter written by a guy named Ralph Cole and posted on the internet. In it, he described how he had conquered cancer by ingesting the juice of 5 pounds (about 2.25 kg) of carrots on a daily basis.

Cole mentioned that the solution was suggested to him by their mutual friend’s spouse. Because he had no idea how much juice to consume at first, he began by squeezing the juice out of three pounds of carrots each and every day.

After another 8 weeks, Cole’s doctors noticed a reduction in the size of the lumps on his body; therefore, Cole, believing that he was in the clear, stopped drinking the juice.

Soon after, he noticed that his lumps had returned, so he restarted drinking the juice, but this time he increased the amount he consumed to 5 pounds. And it worked! Since 2006, he has not had any signs or symptoms of malignancy.

Cameron’s decision to give it a shot was motivated in part by his narrative. Like me, she started the day by juicing five pounds of carrots every day.

Aside from that, she did not make any other adjustments to her lifestyle; she did not stop eating items like meat and ice cream, and she did not change her mind about refusing to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Her tumors ceased growing after only 8 weeks of treatment. She remained steadfast in her consumption of the juice for the next six months, with the exception of the three to four days per month that she spent away on business trips.

She would start the day by preparing all of the juice in the morning, after which she would drink some of it. She would then place the remaining juice in the refrigerator and continue drinking it throughout the day.

The juice extracted from around 1 liter of carrots requires 5 pounds of carrots.

A little over a year and a half after she was first informed that she had Stage 4 cancer, her CT scans came back completely clear, indicating that there was no sign of cancer at all.

Cameron, who often writes books for children, decided to write a book with the title “Curing Cancer with Carrots” so that she could share her story with other people and help them.


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