This brave 4-year-old girl’s family wishes to make her last birthday as memorable as possible.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than witnessing your child’s suffering and being powerless to intervene.

Delaney Krings of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, is just four years old, yet she was recently diagnosed with cancer. The news shattered her parents’ hearts. “For a minute, your heart pauses. The world comes to a halt. You can’t breathe, so you simply attempt to comprehend everything. “Did you know she’s four?” Heather Krings, Delaney’s mother, stated.

“She brought people brightness and love. That’s why she’s our guardian angel. And she’s being called elsewhere to do her angel mission,” Heather continued while her daughter battles brain cancer.

Delaney is currently being cared for at the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, with her parents taking turns watching over her. However, she is scheduled to be discharged to hospice care next week.

“You can’t tell a child they won’t be around for much longer. As a result of the ‘owies’ in her head, she knows she’s in the hospital.”

As Delaney’s birthday is approaching on December 16, her parents asked people from all over the country and everyone who has stumbled up her story to make her birthday by sending a birthday card.

“As long as she still knows what’s going on, she can laugh, hear, see, know us, remember us. You must ignore the clock because what is our objective here? To make whatever time she has left as best as we can.”

We are very sorry for everything this family is forced to endure. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during these difficult times.

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