Things Men Notice First When Looking at a Woman

You might sometimes wonder what men think when they notice you on the street. You’ve probably heard all those age-old beliefs about men first looking at your butt and breasts. Well, according to scientists, men pay attention to entirely different things, and those things don’t even have to concern your body. If you’re curious about reading men’s minds and discovering their initial thoughts when they see you, keep reading! You may be quite surprised that men aren’t what many women take for granted!

1. Eyes

One of the common things men notice first about a woman is her eyes. You’ve likely heard the saying that eyes are the windows to your soul. They can tell us a lot about a person, including if someone is lying or telling the truth. Eyes are real magnets that can attract and interest a stranger.

Surveys have shown that nearly 70% of men pay attention to a woman’s eyes first, and only then to everything else. Don’t believe the myth that men first notice the chest! It’s often easier for men to compliment a woman’s eyes since women respond very approvingly to compliments about their eyes rather than other parts of the body.

2. Hair

Long, healthy, and shiny hair can’t go unnoticed. Good hair condition is a sign of youth and vitality. They say blonde girls are more attractive to men, but this isn’t true! Women of all hair colors have equal chances. Men have various preferences; some prefer blondes because they look more delicate and innocent, like angels. Others might seek out brunette girls, claiming they look more mysterious.

Redheads also have their own charm because they look seductive and wild! Men may also pay attention to how you style your hair. Unkempt and greasy hair isn’t attractive. So instead of constantly trying new dyes, invest in good moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and take good care of your hair. Such efforts will pay off, and he won’t be able to take his eyes off your shiny, healthy-looking hair.

3. Skin

Most men also pay attention to the appearance of a woman’s skin. Numerous surveys indicate that men see a good complexion as a sign of health. A healthy-looking complexion suggests to men that a woman is healthy and capable of producing healthy offspring.

4. Smile

A smiling woman signals that men don’t need to hesitate and can start flirting! A smile conveys good nature, kindness, and a sense of humor – who wouldn’t want to date such a person? A smiling woman acts like a magnet, drawing attention to her optimistic nature. Laughter is contagious, making those around you feel better! Don’t say you’re too shy to smile at that guy you barely know. You don’t need to say anything; a smile works as an invitation.

Some girls mention that they rarely smile because of their teeth. They might think their teeth are crooked or not white enough. Well, this isn’t a good excuse, ladies! Commercials promote a perfect smile without any flaws, but those are just commercials, probably photoshopped for hours! Most men aren’t looking for models. They are just normal guys with their own imperfections, so they will understand yours too.

5. Dressing Style

This might come as a surprise, but most men do notice a woman’s dressing style. A recent study found that most men prefer a classy dresser over a woman who shows too much skin. Men love some mystery about women; a half-naked body reveals all the secrets. A great sense of style can say a lot about you, so keep that in mind. Your perfume and makeup reflect your taste. Your heels and accessories reveal your lifestyle and sophistication.


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