They Were Considered The World’s Most Beautiful Twins 10 Years Ago, But Look at Them Now.

When the Clements family welcomed their child, they had no idea who would enter their lives. The females showed up double-packed and four weeks early, in addition.

Ava Marie and Leah Rose, the twins, however, made it plain right on that they would rock the world of the family. Yet they had similar baby doll looks, were picture-perfect, and had perfectly symmetrical faces.

While the parents were just relieved that their twins were healthy, friends and family raved about how they had never seen such gorgeous infants with blue eyes and doll-like faces.

This is of little significance because appealing facial characteristics frequently alter as people age and many lumpy children get add-ons as they approach puberty. However, it is clear that the Clement twins’ increasing appeal cannot be overcome.

Mother Jaqi afterward enjoyed telling her daughters that they were eager to introduce themselves to the world. Despite being delivered four and a half weeks earlier than anticipated, they were aware right away and charmed anybody who came into contact with them.

Surprisingly, even infants have a flair for portraying themselves favorably. There weren’t many pictures that looked bad or awkward. Furthermore, even as little youngsters, both of them had some personality. The parents quickly realized they were dealing with two obstinate individuals who knew exactly what they wanted.

Jaqi also observed her twins were remarkably lovely kids after the first few restless weeks. The parents’ symmetrical features, dreamy eyes, and velvety skin were frequently brought up.

They occasionally felt humiliated when onlookers peered inside the baby carriage. Friends suggested the two to submit an application to a children’s modeling agency when they could hardly walk.

Jaqi first believed that people’s joy upon seeing her children was typical of those who saw lovely twin kids. But the concept stuck in her head somehow. He needs to give the girls a chance, right?

They both enjoyed posing for pictures. And why not, if it was enjoyable for them and they may benefit financially in the long run?

Jaqi had exaggerated his skills, though. After all, he had an infant to look after in addition to the twins. She and her older brother looked up the locations of a few agencies and listing agents before she decided it was too much for everyone.

She made the decision to put her modeling endeavors on hold for the time being. There was no way she would become a helicopter mommy with excessive ambition!

Jaqi created an oracle since she is a bit superstitious. Her daughters arrived on 07/07. Consequently, their seventh birthday was on July 7, 2017. Jaqi decided that it was time to bring up the matter with the females once more. He consequently planned a unique surprise for the twins’ birthday…

Ava and Leah were undoubtedly active small girls, it must be stated. They were highly lively in addition to being exceptionally lovely. Even though kids had just begun school, and were already attending dancing practice and swimming club, it was hard to become tired of them.

All the more incentive for Jaqi to advise them to approach a modeling agency on the occasion of their birthdays. Because she didn’t want to overly excite the kids, she expressed it more casually, but they couldn’t have been happier!

What it meant to be a model was beyond their comprehension. Yet they were aware that they could dress up. and strike a pose for the camera. And they absolutely adored doing that.

The two would perform whenever they had an audience, whether it was singing, dancing, or donning outrageous attire. Jaqi was thus unconcerned that it might engulf them. Instead, he wished they would let off some steam.

Jaqi was right to follow his gut. This time, everything proceeded according to plan. The kids were very driven, and as fate would have it, a friend had recently launched a children’s clothing store.

He offered to be her first client as a model. The kids might then have fashionable attire and pictures for their portfolio. A win-win situation so resulted. Jaqi had something to show and wished to be more intelligent this time. Only the issue of taking pictures of the girls remained at this point.

Jaqi made the decision to handle everything alone since she wanted to take her time. She was skilled with it and still had her old Nikon in the garage. She hurriedly applied some lipstick to the girls’ cheeks so as not to overexcite them, braided a few curls in their hair, and attempted to shoot a few shots.

But she came to see that other factors are important as well. Even two attractive faces are insufficient. They were both like a swarm of bugs. If one was dreaming, the other was staring at the camera.

When they were both completely focused, Leah gave Ava a shove to get her to the barricades. Jaqi made the decision to disregard it in the interim. She received several blows. She was curious about how photographers used children as models. They must have some cunning plans in store for us!

Jaqi took the final portfolio and pulled out the addresses of the previous agencies before putting the girls in the car and leaving. He felt terrific, but excitement was starting to take over.

Would the agents say anything? What kind of meetings would the girls be able to handle? However, he was worrying too much since Leah and Ava simultaneously caught the attention of two agencies, both of whom wanted to sign them right now.

Jaqi enthusiastically signed with both of them. At home, he reasoned, “The females won’t get as many jobs, so it can’t hurt.” He didn’t understand his error for another week.

The initial jobs went smoothly. The photographers enjoyed themselves, saw the girls’ talent, and didn’t think the girls were nervous at all. Both of the agencies occasionally contacted them. But then the day arrived when Jaqi was forced to take responsibility for his error.

Agent One invited the girls to an audition for a Barbie campaign one afternoon by phone. Jaqi would have been happy normally. However, the girls had already finished this casting for agent number two the day before.

So it was time to conduct business. Fortunately, the agencies recognized the rookie’s error, and the bad taste was completely removed.

But the Instagram account Jaqi set up for the ladies in July 2017 was the obvious step that propelled them to fame. She used the handle @clementstwins and simply saw it as a type of online resume or homepage.

She had no experience with social media and had no idea how to use it. She didn’t value the quantity of followers because of this. It quickly reached 300,000! a target that many influencers aim for. Jaqi didn’t know what she had done until several weeks later.

But Jaqi rapidly established himself as a pro. Ma learnt how to deal with two influencers as the ladies became more and more adept at anticipating what their individual photographers or clients needed from them.

She quickly came to the conclusion that not every shot should be posted online. She only shared images taken by professionals, and the caliber immediately became a heated topic.

The account quickly attracted 400,000 followers! Additionally, that was the occasion when Jaqi appeared in front of the camera. After all, viewers were curious about the twins’ personal life.

Since the brother and father were also proud of the twins and Jaqi, 2017 was therefore a fortunate year in every way for the Clements family. They were now well-known and making a nice living. Additionally, everyone felt as though they were embarking on an adventure together, and they were likely right.

When the other boys approached Brother Chase in the schoolyard, he was not only proud of his sisters but quickly wanted to respond in kind. Naturally, Mother Jaqi did not want to deny him this opportunity or devote all of her time to her daughters.

She then brought him to the organization so he could make his case. He was signed right away because to what appeared to be familial talent, and in addition to modeling assignments, he also received some small commercial appearances.

The only issue Jaqi had was managing his model offspring. The phone kept ringing nonstop. He started to worry that he had put the kids through too much. It could be difficult to determine when Ava and Leah were exerting themselves excessively because of how lively and vivacious they were.

Once the twins were scheduled for six jobs per week, she cut the cord. Since then, she has taken precautions to keep her composure. The youngsters needed to have adequate time for their activities, friends, and school.

Jaqi has learned a lot at work in addition to becoming a role model mother. Sadly, not just on the bright side. It’s crucial to keep an eye on photographers and clients, especially when working with young models.

Testing on children is permitted, but only sparingly. She started a blog after realizing she couldn’t just blindly believe anything the “professionals” said. She desired to converse with and learn from other parents about their experiences.

Jaqi encourages readers to watch their kids on her blog, both in her modeling work and in their daily life. Even on days she found tedious, her twins were frequently still amusing and animated.

Jaqi believes that this is the clearest indication that kids are not being groomed as circus performers; rather, they are having fun. They appear to find it not only enjoyable but also quite simple. Do they occasionally make fun of one another? If there was perpetual harmony between the twins, Jaqi would be shocked.

When Clements’ parents debated the benefits and drawbacks of their new lifestyle, another aspect became crucial. Both of them had observed how the kids’ hobbies served to further bind the family together rather than to somewhat separate them.

They lost because of it; it was like any other experience. As a family, they went through ups and downs and felt strengthened by it. In addition, the ladies’ prosperity gave them access to every luxury, including lengthy vacations.

Jaqi also mentioned how her girls developed as persons as a result of modeling. They were always interacting with new individuals and were very courteous while doing so.

The advantages are tangible, according to the ladies! It makes sense why: what kid would object to receiving presents from brands advertised on Instagram? Or when fresh, attractive clothing keeps finding its way into the closet and causes mayhem in the schoolyard…

But how exactly do you create a prosperous Instagram account? Jaqi didn’t exactly struggle with her two lovely models, but she did learn a few things and make a few mistakes along the way. She spills the beans here for curious copycats.

He made the error of blogging either too much or too little in the beginning. He is aware that individuals who overburden the feeds of his followers will soon be expelled. After all, nobody wants to see the same faces all the time.

frequently. On the other hand, one must avoid being overly sparse for fear of being forgotten. You need to strike a balance, as is frequently the case in life. But if you’re unsure, you should hold back on the charm a bit. But naturally, a striking post must come next.

You shouldn’t purchase followers if you want to reach your audience on Instagram. Since genuine followers rapidly spot fraudulent followers and stop taking the account seriously, it makes little sense anyhow.

Instead, using hashtags is recommended. You can rapidly connect your account to accounts around the world if you locate a decent hashtag. If you lack inspiration, you might get ideas from your rivals.

You need your contacts to be happy in order to network effectively. Jaqi does this by marking the stylist and photographer after each partnership, as well as occasionally the client or agency.

In addition to being flattering, this demonstrates to her followers that she surrounds herself with wonderful people. The tagged person’s followers now have access to the girl’s account and could choose to follow her.

Jaqi first followed everyone in the business casually, including other models, photographers, and kids’ clothing companies. She received several likes in return, though perhaps not all from people she wished to collaborate with.

She picks carefully who to follow nowadays. This demonstrates to those who are familiar with the scene that the Clements are experts. Jaqi now has influence, which is crucial on social media. Anyone can join us in the water.

This brings up the following point. Someone who has a personality that occasionally irritates people is much more intriguing than someone who always tries to please. Jaqi is constantly leaving comments on other people’s accounts.

By doing this, he displays curiosity, shares a bit of himself, and develops into a regular person. The Internet is so big that this characteristic is crucial. Similar to how friendships are formed in real life, communication is sought after, and authenticity is displayed.

Jaqi has gained experience in analyzing the photographs he shares. She now understands that playing with the twin bundle is the greatest way to respond to orders.

The females’ facial expressions link to one another or exhibit other traits while their eyes are level. It is impossible to overcome the twofold lottery effect. And if someone looks at an image for a while, they nearly begin to like it.


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