There are many men, but more boys …

You see boys everywhere, but I don’t think you can recognize them without help … because boys have beards, too, and they’re old. But it’s much easier to avoid them once you’ve met at least one man. I’m not necessarily talking about my partner, but also about a friend. A friend who respects himself enough to respect the woman he is close to enormously.


A boy is not aware of true values, no matter how great a connoisseur he may be. He may know them, but he is not willing to follow any of them. He will always find it cool to share the attention of several women, to make the one who loves him suffer, he will take the opportunity to have sex with every pair of legs that will open to him. It will seem cool to a little boy to be insensitive whenever he finds an opportunity, because he will always have a 2-3 to consider him “cool” for this thing.


A real man I think will find all of the above absurd. He knows that a woman who is by his side, for better or for worse, who loves him with all her heart, who only wants him in her life and who cannot be bought with money, is worth a lot. Therefore, he will know how to respect her, he will know how to be only hers and he will know how to love her. He will not look for stupid reasons to leave because he is bored and simply wants something new … because he knows that he deserves the best and he knows how to recognize the good when he receives it!


A real man knows that his life means more than fun, than casual sex, than drinking too much, than putting on a show in any way, than “cool” swearing. He knows how to respect in the true sense of the word, he doesn’t make fun of himself, he knows who he has to cherish, he knows how to help, he knows that there are moments when he has to be patient and give up. A real man knows what it means to be a boy, because he’s gone through it too, but he’s gone through it … because he’s seen how useless it is to hold on to things that hurt people who love him, and who they may have hurt him at some point.


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