There are many injured people …

There are a lot of people who think that long-standing love doesn’t exist anymore … because they can’t find it anywhere around them. Men fail to see that every woman can truly love a soul, even without who knows what material wealth. The women, in turn, are tired of looking in the crowd for the man next to whom they are willing to spend the rest of their days, because the attempts so far have proved unsuccessful.


Many of us get caught up in the mirage of objects, achievements, success … and we simply remove from our lives any man who could hold us in place of achieving our goals. This is how we remove the people we love, this is how we give up for the sake of something a man who could love us, who could be with us both for good and for bad, who would value us more than himself. himself. We give up the man we know would make us happy because it delays our ascension a little. And we get caught up in a continuous series of actions that tire us and turn our attention to anything but love.


Some of us now refuse to simply love. They prefer to ignore any feeling that may arise, they just use their bodies to feel good, after which they go to work … maybe because they were disappointed, maybe because I don’t think it’s worth the effort. for another human being. And yet, those people fail to be truly fulfilled because they refuse to open their souls and receive someone there … the reasons are theirs and everyone knows them … maybe it’s selfishness, maybe the fear of betrayal .. .


Love in the world still exists, but if we haven’t found it yet, it means we’re not looking for it. There are men who love sincerely and women who love selflessly. Maybe we don’t realize how much we need love … the truth is that it is much easier for everyone to hurt than to love, to make an effort to know and accept, to cherish love in their lives …. it is not impossible , but more effort is needed.


We do not see how much love each of us needs. We do not see that without love we cannot be happy, no matter how many possessions we may have. We often do not see that love is the only way we can forgive and be whole.


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