The woman bought a diaper bag for just $3

As with everything used, you can never be too sure EXACTLY what you are buying, but as we all know, Goodwill is one of the finest places to go if you’re seeking to acquire quality stuff at a fair price.

An example of this is this situation, in which a local shopper obtained far more than she had anticipated!

Sarah Thomas, a resale businesswoman, frequently visits her neighborhood charity stores to collect goods for her online apparel company. When she spotted a stylish Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, she scooped it up for a cool $3 because she knew how to score a good deal.

But this tale delves a little deeper than just the advantages of discovering a bargain at Goodwill. See, Sarah discovered the bag was really heavy when she took it home. The consignment salesperson reported seeing “something rocking around in there” to her local news station KTVL.

Sarah looked closer and discovered a little hole on the interior lining. She tore it open and discovered the heavy offender.

Considering that we’re talking about a diaper bag, we are aware that the ending of this tale might be a little nasty. Nevertheless, what she found was far more astounding than old baby wipes.

A blue digital camera was inside the bag, replete with a memory card that was full.

Because Sarah is a good person, she set out to track down the owner of the camera and diaper bag.

We believe that finding this person would have been challenging if the article had been published ten years ago, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet, she was able to do it within an hour.

Yes, one hour—you read that right! Sarah is not a private investigator, it is important to clarify; all she did was download a few photos from the memory card to her computer and upload them to Facebook with the following caption:

I’m not sure whether it’s okay to share this here, but I bought a diaper bag at a Goodwill store and discovered a blue Sony Cybershot camera with pictures inside.

Does anyone recognize this family or the individuals in these photos? They should have their camera and most probably their SD card, I want to make sure.

After the ad went up, someone recognized Katie Connor, the owner, from the photos and sent Sarah her way. Talk about executing! Go, girl!

What are your thoughts about Sarah’s noble deed? What steps would you take in her place?

Have you ever stumbled upon a hidden gem at a Goodwill? Please share any of your ideas and encounters in the comments area below.


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