The True Story of the Amazing Frog-Swallowing-Snake Photo

Can you believe your eyes? The internet has been buzzing with an extraordinary photo of a frog swallowing a snake. But what’s the real story behind this incredible image? Thanks to National Geographic, we finally have the answer!

A Walk to Remember

It all happened in North Queensland, Australia when Julie-Anne O’Neill decided to take a walk before an oncoming storm. Little did she know, she was about to witness a captivating moment in nature.

According to National Geographic, the air outside becomes alive with activity before a storm. It’s like a feeding and mating frenzy! Armed with her flashlight, O’Neill hoped to capture some of this wildlife action on camera.

A Surprise Encounter

Suddenly, O’Neill heard a distinct screech that she knew came from a frog. Before her eyes, the biggest Australian green tree frog she had ever seen appeared. And that’s when things took a bizarre turn.

“It opened its mouth, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh; what the heck!'” O’Neill recalled. In the frog’s mouth was a small snake desperately trying to escape as it disappeared down the other animal’s throat.

An Unusual Feast

O’Neill had seen many tree frogs around her property before, but she had never witnessed one attempting to devour anything other than insects. Determined to capture this extraordinary moment, she rushed to get her digital camera.

With her fingertips numb from holding the shutter down, O’Neill held her large flashlight at various angles until she finally got a clear view of the snake in the frog’s mouth. “When I finally cracked off the shot, it felt like victory,” she exclaimed.

A Surprise Survivor

Naturally, O’Neill expected the worst for the frog, as the snake’s fangs had punctured its tongue, and the snake was still wriggling in its throat. But the next morning, to her surprise, she found the same frog outside her home.

This resilient amphibian had survived the unconventional feast. When O’Neill picked it up, it filled both of her hands—a testament to its unusual size and the incredible moment she had captured on camera.

From Internet Sensation to Worldwide Fame

In 2011, O’Neill posted her astonishing photo on Google+ with the expectation of some attention. Little did she know it would explode across various websites, gaining notoriety on Reddit.

Despite being overwhelmed by the unexpected fame, O’Neill is thrilled that so many people have enjoyed her bizarre photo, according to National Geographic.

So what do you think of this mind-bending photo? Let us know in the comments below!


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