The real problem is not the problem itself, but your attitude towards the problem

Life without any problems does not exist. Even if you are in general school and run away from the boy who likes you because you don’t like him at all, whether you are big and have to pay bills, raise children, meet deadlines, there will always be problems in your life. -one way or another …. what you need to know is that you can call them problems or you can call them opportunities.


Every attempt appears in your life to teach you something. But you can look at these trials as lessons or as failures … it’s up to you which part of the glass you want to see. Your attitude, in fact, is what will make you victorious from any stalemate. Whether it’s a sentimental failure or a career or any other failure, there is always a good solution that may leave you with nothing, but take a close look and you may find a change in you, a good one.


Better a poor horse than no horse at all. There are always solutions, but to see them all, you need to be aware of what situation you are in and fight. It will be hard at first, but anything is possible. You have to realize that there is no permanent good, just as there is no permanent evil … so everything will end one way or another.


Choose to break the deadlock by keeping your soul clean, choose to help, to tell the truth, not to make sacrifices that you will regret later. Choose to ask God to guide you and follow His guidance, which you will feel. There is no dead end!


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