The most unpleasant things can be said for the good of someone who loves you

The fact that you say some unpleasant things does not necessarily make you a scorpion. You will be put in situations where you will have to choose between telling a painful truth to someone or choosing to hide that truth and lie, to throw a “come on, it’s not that bad”. It is said that tone makes music, and in this case nothing is more true.


To tell someone that he was wrong is not wrong, but it depends a lot on what is in your heart at that moment, what is on your mind. If you want to offend, to humiliate, you will be able to do this through criticism. If you want to help, to determine the one who made a mistake to change for the better, you will succeed. A woman knows how to do both, and the way she chooses to proceed defines her. It all depends on the intention in your heart and how you want to make people feel.


A real woman does not need to glorify herself by making those around her feel miserable. A real woman speaks beautifully, warmly, even when she talks about mistakes and shortcomings. She wants to help the people around her straighten up, not judge. It helps them see that they can do better and lets them choose whether they want to change or not. A real woman lets man be himself, does not force him to change if he does not want it. A true woman knows that God has given us the right to choose the way we want to live, and so she does, even if her soul weeps over all the evil she sees in people.


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