The family has announced an unexpected update: “She’s awake” on their 10-year-old daughter who was injured in a boat accident.

When awful disasters happen and victims are involved, the prognosis is typically bleak. In this catastrophe, a little child was also injured and left in a coma, but now a miracle has occurred.

Rielynn Martin, 10, was involved in a watercraft accident on May 25. On Memorial Day, two boats collided, resulting in the disaster. “We went out to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend, and we go to the lake a lot,” said her father, Chad Martin. “My kids love being outside.”

As the boats collided, Little Rielynn flew from the boat and collided with the other boat’s propeller. The tiny toddler was rushed to the hospital. “It crushed her skull and is now embedded in her brain,” Martin said.

As a result, she had damaged brain tissue. They repositioned the injured region of the skull, inserted a plate, and bolted it back together.

“Prayers are critical. My daughter’s path to this point was paved with prayer. Medical bills are likely to be exorbitant.” The concerned father predicted that it would be difficult.

The small youngster underwent emergency surgery, which left her in a coma and unable to breathe on her own. But now it appears that a miracle has occurred!

“Rally for Rielynn!” was a happy update on her Facebook page. Because the young child could breathe on her own, her family opted to withdraw her from life support. In a health update, her mother reported, “She is awake!!”

“She recognized all of us. She can now breathe on her own after we turned off her vent. After I removed her sock, she wiggled her toes. When her father inquired if she wanted her sock put back on, she nodded in assent.”

This is a huge comfort for her family and everyone who has been praying for her. Following the event, the family launched a GoFundMe effort to cover their young daughter’s medical bills.

Despite the fact that she has regained consciousness, she is still far from fully recovered. We wish her a safe and successful voyage.

Even though the family has been through a lot, the good news has offered them peace. Inform your loved ones about Rielynn’s encouraging health news!


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