The cops received an anonymous phone call and forced their way into the house.

The authorities will not be letting this matter drop at any cost.

Officers have discovered a cannabis farm hidden under a banner advertising the animated film Frozen produced by Disney.

Earlier this morning, they conducted a search warrant at a home in the Manor neighborhood of Sheffield, where they found a fake wall in the bedroom of a youngster.

When the officers discovered the stockpile concealed behind the image of Elsa and Anna, the two major protagonists of the movie, their hearts literally froze.

An image of the bedroom was shared on the Twitter account for the Police in Sheffield, and it had to have been the first time in what felt like an eternity that they had seen something like that.

The room was in desperate need of some TLC after the law enforcement officers broke through the bogus wall.

On the premises, a man in his 64th year was taken into custody.

A representative for the South Yorkshire Police Department said the following: “Three mature plants and five seedlings have been confiscated, and a 64-year-old male has been interrogated and reported on a summons to court for manufacture and cultivation of cannabis.”

In an effort to obtain further feedback, has reached out to South Yorkshire Police.


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