The Challenges of Owning a Tesla: Battery Issues and Customer Frustrations

Owning a Tesla and supporting the “Go Green” campaign can be a gratifying experience. However, as one Canadian Tesla owner recently discovered, it can also have its challenges. After his Tesla’s battery died, he found himself locked out of his opulent vehicle. Visiting the dealership, he received a shockingly high estimate of $26,000 for a battery replacement. This incident raises concerns about recalls and the recurring battery issues faced by Tesla owners.

Battery Troubles: A Frustrating Experience

Mario Zelaya, the frustrated owner, shared a video of the ordeal and expressed his disbelief at the exorbitant cost. He had purchased his specific Tesla model back in 2013 and has consistently voiced concerns about this model and its 2014 variations. These models are prone to battery damage from fluid seepage, which ultimately leads to their destruction.

Transport Canada, the country’s transportation agency, investigated Zelaya’s car and plans to conduct another study that Tesla is unaware of. However, Tesla seems to be ignoring the issue and has refused to provide an explanation for the premature battery failure. Zelaya, in anger, claimed that the company’s careless handling of batteries exacerbates their longstanding issues. He vowed never to purchase another Tesla vehicle and advised others to steer clear of them.

Widespread Complaints and Safety Concerns

It is unfortunate that complaints about Tesla’s battery issues are not uncommon. In fact, in July, a German Tesla owner was reimbursed after a national court deemed the car to pose a serious risk due to faulty driver’s aid systems. The court also noted the frequent breakdowns, which are particularly dangerous given the prevalence of car breakdowns in the country’s cities. Furthermore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that Tesla had violated safety regulations in February 2022, leading to a recall of nearly 578,000 cars.

High Costs and Drastic Solutions

Many Tesla owners have also expressed grievances about the high cost of battery replacements. In an extreme case, a Finnish man chose to destroy his vehicle rather than spend $23,000 on a new battery. His 2013 Model S’s battery had already surpassed its warranty by more than eight years, prompting his drastic action.

Frustrations Shared on Social Media

The predicament faced by Tesla owners has sparked reactions on social media, with many TikTok users expressing empathy and sharing their own tales of Tesla troubles. Some questioned the idea of owning a Tesla that could be controlled remotely by others, while others humorously suggested that a classic 2005 Honda Civic would have been more reliable.

Moving On from Tesla

In a silver lining for Zelaya, he was able to sell his displeased Tesla to someone who plans to disassemble it and charge the battery anew. With a touch of finality, Zelaya declared that his Tesla journey has come to an end, urging others not to let it become their burden.


Owning an electric car like Tesla offers significant environmental benefits. However, it is crucial for manufacturers to promptly address issues and provide affordable solutions when problems arise. This will help ensure a positive and reliable experience for customers who are dedicated to the “Go Green” campaign.


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