The Amazing Bond Between Humans and Wolves

Most wild animals are truly captivating creatures. While we may only be able to admire them from a safe distance, the thought of getting up close and personal with these majestic beings is simply unreal. Fortunately, there are places like the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, an animal refuge just outside Colorado Springs, where this incredible opportunity becomes a reality.

At the refuge, the dedicated personnel have the unique privilege of constantly interacting with wolves. But what’s even more remarkable is that children are able to not only meet these beautiful creatures but also pet and snuggle with them. It’s an experience that creates memories to last a lifetime.

Meet Kekoa, which means “brave one” in Hawaiian. This incredible wolf was born and raised in the refuge. Despite his imposing size, Kekoa is a gentle giant who simply enjoys spending time with humans. One person in particular, a woman named Danielle, has formed a special bond with him. Their connection is truly extraordinary and captivates the hearts of many.

Imagine the sight of this duo playing and cuddling together. It’s quite amusing, especially when you consider that Kekoa is significantly bigger than Danielle. Standing at nearly 7 feet tall when he places his front paws on someone’s shoulders and weighing in at 115 pounds, Kekoa is an impressive creature indeed.

A viral video showcases the heartwarming moments between Kekoa and Danielle, but it gets even better when another wolf named Sakara joins in for some cuddles. The bond between these wolves and humans is truly a testament to the power of socialization. Kekoa has been raised by people and bottle-fed since birth, which explains his love for human company. However, it’s important to note that this does not make him domesticated or tame. Kekoa still maintains his “wild” instincts, especially when he is with his sister. It’s a reminder that wolves in the wild would not behave in the same manner.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center not only provides incredible opportunities for interaction but also offers educational tours. Visitors have the chance to learn about the important role that wolves play in our ecosystem. From Paw Day to Meet a Wolf Day and even Halw-O-Ween, there are various activities hosted by the refuge that cater to different interests. It’s an experience that not only brings joy but also spreads awareness about these magnificent creatures.

Although wild wolves haven’t been seen in Colorado since the 1940s, there is hope that they may soon make a comeback. By sharing this incredible story with your family and friends on Facebook, you can help create awareness and appreciation for these amazing animals.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of having a close encounter with a wolf, the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center might just be the place to make your dream a reality. Prepare to be amazed and inspired by the magical bond between humans and wolves.


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