Stop Saying “I Love You Too” When Someone Says That They Love You, Be More Romantic, Say This Instead

Being in a relationship means doing things that will make your partner feel cherished and valued. It can show in your actions, your words, how you express yourself, and all the little things in between. Unfortunately, many men have given women the impression that men aren’t romantic. Some men might think that being romantic requires a lot of money or grand gestures. However, that isn’t the case at all. Women often appreciate the small gestures that signify genuine affection and thoughtfulness.

Stop Replying with “I Love You Too”; Be More Romantic and Say This Instead

1. I Love You as Well

When someone tells you “I love you,” avoid responding with “I love you too.” The word “too” might have a negative connotation and can sometimes make the sentiment sound less genuine. Imagine someone saying “I love you,” and you reply “I love you too.” It just doesn’t have the same heartfelt impact.

2. I Love You More!

When your partner says “I love you,” most people typically respond with “I love you too” or “I love you so much.” While these replies are nice, they are also very common and can feel a bit routine. Instead, try responding with “I love you more!” This fresh and playful reply can make your partner feel deeply appreciated and loved. It conveys the message that your love for them is abundant and ever-growing, transforming a simple exchange of words into a romantic moment. The phrase “I love you too” is somewhat old-fashioned, and experimenting with new expressions of love can keep your relationship exciting and heartfelt.


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