Spiritual Corner: If Your Former Partner Secretly Misses You, You Will Clearly Feel These Things

1. You’re Back Together in Your Dreams

Even if you don’t talk to your ex in real life, you might find yourself having conversations with them in your dreams as if you’re still together. It’s as if the universe is sending you significant messages about your life and upcoming steps you need to take.

Our spirits often communicate through dreams. It might be an indication that your ex still has thoughts about you or misses you deeply.

2. The Phone Rings

Ever had your phone ring and you suddenly think of your ex, only to find it’s them calling? They might just be dealing with some minor issue, like wrapping up loose ends or picking up a forgotten item.

Pay attention if they call just when you’re thinking of them. It’s a strong spiritual sign that your ex is on your mind, and they’re possibly missing you too.

Receiving a text message as you’re thinking about them can be another clear sign.

3. You Keep Hearing Their Name

Even after a long time apart, you might find yourself hearing their name frequently. It could happen casually while you’re sitting in a coffee shop or walking home.

It’s easy to ignore this at first, but hearing their name repeatedly might suggest they are thinking of you. Your ex might be on your mind more than you realize.

4. Seeing Numbers

The number two is often associated with love. If this number appears frequently in your life, it could be a spiritual sign that a romantic revival is near.

Perhaps you spend $22.22 on a meal, wake up at two in the morning, or start noticing pairs of objects. These occurrences signify a promising romantic sign, suggesting your ex could be thinking of you or a new love may be on the way.

5. Scent-sational Signs

Smell is a powerful trigger for memories. Sometimes, even miles away, you might catch a whiff of your ex’s scent. It could be a vivid memory or a spiritual sign that your ex is thinking of you.

If you are truly attuned to your own energy, you might sense what your ex is feeling, and this could manifest as their scent lingering around you.

6. You Feel Their Presence Right Next to You

After spending so much time together, their absence can make you feel their presence even when they’re not physically there. Sometimes, it might feel like they’re standing right next to you.

This might feel unsettling at first, but there’s an odd sense of safety and reassurance that comes with it. This might be because you are receiving positive vibes from your ex, which is creating that comforting sense of their presence.


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