She was just about to give birth when she felt a terrible backache.

Tracy courageously discusses her story and explains the circumstances that lead her to make the decision to organize a fundraising event and bring attention to the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

After being brought to the hospital in July of last year with a ruptured fallopian tube, Tracy learned about The EPT during her stay there.

She had been feeling poorly and experiencing discomfort for a few weeks before to discovering that she was pregnant, but she had no idea that she was pregnant. She eventually passed out due to the fact that the pain and the other symptoms she was experiencing had become intolerable.

Tracy was familiar with the term “ectopic pregnancy” but just had a cursory understanding of what it meant. After a frenetic twenty-four hours, during which she underwent an emergency operation, she was left with uncertainty and no appropriate information on what had occurred.

Tracy was able to locate our website, and it was there that she was able to identify the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy that she had been experiencing and learn that the symptoms were caused by an ectopic pregnancy.

Tracy, for her part, was oblivious of the gravity of the predicament she found herself in. Her right Fallopian tube had ruptured, but the blood had coagulated instead of flowing out of her body, thus she considers herself exceedingly fortunate to be here to tell the story.

Tracy is very committed to expanding the amount of knowledge that is disseminated about how serious of a condition this is and to facilitating more conversations regarding ectopic pregnancies.

Unfortunately, because of the constraints imposed by Covid, she had been left alone in the hospital and had received very little information. The fact that she was able to locate the information she needed on our website was reassuring, and our support services were available to Tracy whenever she required them. The virtual garden of the EPT features a Treasured Tulip that belongs to Baby Cessford.

I have a lot of sympathy for those who were afflicted in the same way that I was and who are trying to start a family.

I thought that I want to do something to help other people who are impacted in the same way, and I also want to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms, because getting treatment early can save lives.

She courageously set out to cycle 200 miles throughout the month of July one year after undergoing her procedure, and while she was doing so, she raised money for two organizations that are very important to her: The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and Homestart.

She was aware that finding the time would be challenging for her because she worked full-time, had two small children, and a husband who worked long hours and traveled frequently for work.

But despite this, she managed to cycle an extraordinary 239 kilometers and even brought her bike on vacation with her to Stirling. Her accomplishments are truly astounding.

We owe Tracy an enormous debt of gratitude because she was able to generate an incredible £800 (which she then split between the charity) through sponsorship and by organizing a raffle for which local companies generously donated prizes.


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