Everyone knows that Prince Harry can’t stand Queen Consort Camilla, even though she wanted to be like a mother to him.

Relationships within the British royal family are notoriously difficult and complicated for many members of the family, including Prince Harry, who has never exactly agreed with Queen Consort Camilla on anything.

Camilla wed King Charles III in 2005, a year after the death of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana; but, the couple’s connection went back even further, to a time when Charles and Diana had not even been married.

There have been rumors circulating for a long time about the nature of Camilla and Prince Harry’s relationship, but since Harry has taken on a less prominent role within the royal family, those rumors have started to become more credible.

These rumors have begun to shed light on the nature of the power dynamic that exists between Camilla and Harry.

The “nasty” remarks spoken by Harry

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, claims that Prince Harry has not been particularly friendly to his stepmother, Camilla and that she counts him as one of the cruelest things that she has experienced in her life.

“Indeed, you couldn’t be more right about that. I came to the conclusion that things needed to be reorganized, “When questioned if the book “Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort” was an attempt to correct the historical record, Levin gave the following response.

“One was The Crown, which was incredibly terrible to her, and the other was Prince Harry, who had said some really nasty things about her as well,” the narrator continued.

There are also tensions in William’s relationship.

Camilla and Prince William’s relationship has not always been one of the strongest in the world, despite the fact that William has been vocal in his support of Camilla ever since she became the Queen Consort.

“One misconception that was deliberately controlled and spread by [Royal PR guru, Mark] Boland was that Prince Charles and Prince William had developed feelings for Camilla. However, at most, they were willing to tolerate her “Tina Brown, yet another royal authority, contributed to The Palace Papers.

“When Harry was in his early thirties, he was still bitterly moaning to acquaintances that Camilla had changed his old bedroom at Highgrove, which is Charles’ home in Gloucestershire, into an elegant dressing room for herself.”


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