She put this picture on Facebook and all her friends judged her and laughed at her

As this photograph is currently making its way around the internet, I felt it would be appropriate to write about it on the final day of Nurse Week.

It takes what seems like an entire army of trained medical personnel to successfully deliver a newborn into the world. And once everything is over, many people forget the shock and pain that they had in the hours, days, and even weeks after the birth of their child.

Because of this, new mothers require the assistance of nurses who can provide them with helpful guidance and a helping hand whenever they face challenges like as rising up, going to the bathroom, or taking a shower.

Jill Krause, a respected blogger and mother of four, felt compelled to write a post on Facebook for a nurse who helped her during her postpartum pain without asking for anything in return. Jill wanted to express her gratitude to the nurse for her assistance.

This is such a personal peek inside the first few minutes after the baby is born. Although this is not me, it might be you. This is something that I do after each delivery. My patient will frequently remark things like, “What a job” or “I am so sorry you have to do this.”

But my response is that it is an honor for me to care for her, to be present with her at such a significant turning point in her life, and to spend a couple of hours functioning as a member of her family.

Every nurse works in a specialty in which they perform duties that no one else (not even other nurses) would ever want to do. Like ICU nurses. They absolutely adore it, but the idea of suctioning a trach makes the skin on my face crawl.

Emergency room nurses are exposed to the worst possible scenarios on a daily basis and are tasked with putting patients back together again. Pediatric nurses treat children who are ill, injured, or have been abused.

Burn nurses are required to endure lengthy dressing changes in a room that is extremely hot while wearing something similar to a hazmat suit. It’s not uncommon for public health nurses to work alone in high-risk neighborhoods.

Let’s just say that I don’t see myself working in the mental health field as a nurse. The list can be continued indefinitely. We discuss the reasons why we couldn’t do each other’s jobs when my patient is a nurse working in a different department than mine.

I would want to express my gratitude to the photographer that was able to catch this image. It opens my eyes to how much satisfaction I get from all aspects of my work. The oozing bodily fluids, the unexpected emergency, the feelings of both delight and despair.

The joy that radiates from the faces of first-time parents as they lay eyes on their newborn is something I will never forget. The grandparents were sobbing softly over in the far corner. That initial scream.

The babies whose gender was a surprise to their parents, who waited nine months before finding out whether they were having a boy or a girl. preventing an early birth by keeping a woman pregnant while one is imminent.

Having knowledge of which drugs are both safe and effective is important. The stopping and starting, as well as the gradual buildups. those women who give birth naturally, without the use of an epidural.

Every single thing. It is such an incredible privilege for me to be a part of everything.


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