She discovered a bottle on the sand while walking along a beach.

A Florida woman shared a story on social media about an unanticipated vacation encounter.

While walking at dusk, the woman acknowledged that she had found a plastic bottle containing a phone, two pieces of cash, and a letter. Where did they come from, and who were they?

She found a bottle with a note in it on the coast.

A plastic bottle washed up on the shore by the waves while Judi and her life partner strolled down the beach. And it wasn’t even halfway full! Inside were two dollar bills, a phone number, and what appeared to be sand.

She didn’t understand what they all meant until she read the message the sea had brought. Everyone on the beach was invited to hear the rest of the story as the woman cried.

She said what appeared like sand was actually human ash. She would subsequently discover that the glass contained the preserved bones of a kind-hearted old guy who passed away at 70. The man’s wife had prepared everything.

What was written on the note found inside the bottle?

The message gave a brief description of Gordon, the deceased older man. Because he loved traveling, his wife placed her ashes in a container and let them float out at sea.

The man’s wife could have called the phone to inquire about Gordon’s whereabouts when the bottle was found.

Excited by the situation, Judy called the man’s wife and told her that the bottle had arrived in Florida from Tennessee, where the man had previously resided.

She was excited to hear about that and asked Judy to place 1$ bill in the bottle and throw it back into the sea.


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