Secret to a Long and Happy Life: Jessie Gallan’s Wise Words


Jessie Gallan, a remarkable Scottish woman who lived to the impressive age of 109, shared a secret to her long life that has captured the attention of many. Her unconventional advice, delivered with a twinkle in her eye, may just make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about longevity.

A Life of Simplicity and Independence

Born in a humble two-room cottage, Jessie Gallan embraced a life of simplicity and hard work. Growing up with her five sisters and one brother, she learned the values of perseverance and resilience early on. Leaving home at the tender age of 13 to become a milkmaid, she embarked on a journey that would shape her remarkable story.

The Unexpected Secret: Porridge and Avoiding Men

When asked about the secret to her long and healthy life, Jessie Gallan’s response might raise a few eyebrows. With a mischievous smile, she declared, “Eat porridge and avoid men.” According to her, men were “more trouble than they’re worth,” and she proudly shared that she never married anyone.

Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

For Gallan, a healthy lifestyle was a cornerstone of her long and fulfilling life. “I always made sure to get plenty of exercise,” she said. Whether it was milking cows or taking on other physically demanding jobs, she remained active throughout her years. And every morning, she would savor a warm bowl of porridge, nourishing her body and soul.

Cherishing Work and Connection

While some might question Gallan’s unconventional advice, it’s crucial to consider the perspectives of a bygone era. She emphasized the importance of hard work and seldom taking a holiday. Gallan’s strong work ethic allowed her to build a fulfilling life, surrounded by kind-hearted individuals in good jobs. She marveled at the vast differences between the world she grew up in and the present day.

Jessie Gallan’s Lasting Legacy

As caregivers lovingly describe Gallan’s healthy lifestyle, we can’t help but be moved by her words. Even though she passed away in 2015, her advice continues to resonate with us today. Her simple yet profound message about the secret to a long and happy life has recently resurfaced, making waves across online platforms.

Jessie Gallan, an extraordinary woman who graced this world for 109 years, left us with timeless wisdom. Her unique perspective on longevity reminds us to embrace simplicity, cherish our health, and find joy in the connections we make. Whether we choose to take her advice to heart or not, one thing is certain: Jessie Gallan’s spirited presence and lively spirit will continue to inspire for generations to come.


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