Sad Truth Behind Redd Foxx’s Death And Who Paid For His Funeral

Redd Foxx is one of the funniest entertainers of all time. Born as “John Elroy Sanford” in 1922, Foxx was just a mere teenager when he knew that his calling in life was to be a performer. He got the nickname “Red” when he lived in Harlem.

People started calling him Red because of his reddish complexion. Then, later on, he added an extra “D” to his name and took the “Foxx” from one of his favorite baseball players to make his stage name, Redd Foxx, extra unique.

Redd Foxx was famous in the 50s and 60s for his stand-up comedy. Then in the 80s, this is when his real fame came about when he appeared on the sitcom “Sanford and Son.” He played Fred Sanford and became a highly amusing character on the TV show.

His character was a junk businessman who worked with his son. The plot focused on the constant confrontations between the two.

This success paved a way for him later on to become a guest star on several variety shows. This also started his regular appearance in Las Vegas. He has brought laughter to the world on and off the camera.

That is why his fans were shocked and saddened when he passed away in 1991. But his death opened up secrets that people still can’t believe were true…

Redd Foxx became a comedy legend. He became a mentor to many younger comedians up until the day he passed away. Foxx spent years touring the country. He worked in stand-up comedy, won awards, and made millions of people laugh.

People believed that he made so much money through the years. So it was quite surprising to know that he died almost penniless.

Despite this harsh truth, Redd Foxx was given the funeral he deserved. This was all made possible thanks to the efforts of another well-known comedian and the actors’ good friend – Eddie Murphy.

Those who were following Foxx’s career know that back in the 80s he starred in Harlem Nights with Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. And even today, Harlem Nights remains a classic film and is still watched and loved by the younger generation.

Foxx worked as a stand-up comedian in the 50s and 60s and was best known for his raunchy language.

This gave him success, but unbeknownst to his fans, he was not earning that much.

Redd Foxx was always working but he never received the pay that he deserved. And because of this, he did not have very much money. When he passed away, he could not even afford to pay for his own funeral. Thankfully, his good friend and colleague Eddie Murphy stepped in.

Foxx had been a mentor to Murphy. After knowing his situation, Murphy decided to shoulder the expenses to give his mentor his well-deserved elegant send-off.

Eddie Murphy once said that he loved Redd Foxx and the many had been his mentor for many years. He also explained that sometimes, some people in show business were just not paid what they were worth in the early days, and sadly, Redd Foxx was one of them.

According to reports, Foxx dies while still working. He was on set for a new sitcom “The Royal Family.”


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