Revenge is the weapon of weak people. If you are strong, forgive and ignore.

It’s hard to overlook a betrayal. It is difficult when betrayal comes from close people, to whom you have given your trust and in whom you have invested feelings. It’s even harder when the person who betrayed you is the man who promised to be with you for better or worse … and yet he ended up being the hard part of your life himself.


The moments that bring you down are hard to bear and come with all the evil in the world. Then it seems that you have nowhere to take refuge, that you have nowhere to go to get rid of all the troubles that arise. And you really feel so low that you end up wanting those who hurt you to feel your pain. Even if you are a good person, don’t be scared if such thoughts reach you, but take this as a test. Only in such situations do you discover how you really are, how you deal with things that are not rosy in life.


The true power of a man does not consist in muscles, it does not consist in the power to maneuver various characters through blackmail. Power does not even lie in the beauty so appreciated by many of the women who have discovered that they can use strong men to achieve their own goals. You show true power when you choose to forgive all the harm that has been done to you.


And yet, with all the good thinking you have, you may not be able to forgive everything at once. You may need years of struggling to show your wrongdoers what it’s like to suffer. But if you want to forgive and live your life without suffering because of that trouble, you will eventually be saved. You will end up with that impediment just a moment in the past. And believe me, it will not be an obstacle to your happiness.


Leave the evils behind and choose to do well, even if others do not choose the same. Keeping your soul free from evil intentions and deeds is the best thing you can do for yourself … but it is extremely difficult, especially in a society that urges you to do the exact opposite.


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