Respecting her, you don’t really respect her, you respect YOU!

Dear ones, I want to let you know that respect is fashionable again. The general trend in recent decades has been mitochondria. I don’t understand where it started, I don’t understand how such a long time has been kept and I don’t understand why the general opinion is that you can only impose your authority through arrogance, airs of superiority, ugly behavior and from time to time and a beating. healthy. Here I can’t help but think that it’s our fault, of the fair sex … because we accept this kind of treatment … out of a sick love or a fear of not being alone.


Respect in a relationship is not optional. If we find our other half, why would we treat it differently than we would like it to? Everything is divided into two, and I do not mean only material goods. She agrees to work side by side with you every day to form a beautiful family together. Even if you are the one who brings the most money into the house, that does not mean that she does not work. In addition to work at home, she has to take care of the house, she has to take care of herself (and ladies, this is a priority, you must not neglect this aspect no matter how tired you are) and it is so sad that you do not notice how it is often difficult for him. It’s hard for him because he prefers to take on all the work, to let you breathe peacefully. Is it really that hard for you to open your eyes and see the truth?


Respecting the one next to you, in fact, you respect yourself. You respect your choice, you respect your love, you respect everything about you. How do you think you deserve to be treated? It’s not hard to respect, it doesn’t take up much time and it doesn’t cost you anything. So where is the real problem? Why do you let a stupid pride that you hold in your teeth settle in your soul?


It’s not hard to see the things that really matter. They are very easy to recognize because they are solid, they do not give you momentary satisfaction, but they keep you for life. Little things make a difference. That holding of the door before she gets out of the car or enters a room are gestures that prove not only respect for you and her, but also for the education you received! So a woman’s opinion is that you don’t look like a butler when you help your lady, but you expose the most beautiful part.


Ladies, this problem has two meanings. No one makes you martyr yourself, make commitments that are impossible to complete, and then torment yourself with various household chores, only to stay upset all day and blame him for never being there for you. Ask for help when you need it, help when you can and respect the person next to you!


Life is hard until we come to understand its purpose, until we understand how important it is to love, to grow as human beings … Respect is never optional and should not be demanded! Show kindness to those around you, and you will gather goodness. Live your life without regretting your behavior and you will end up finding what matters to any of us!


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