About the deal

I want to share a story with you.

A man was walking on a beach and looking at the sea, thinking how … big it is. On the beach was a baby who had made a hole in the sand. With a bucket, the child would carry water from the sea and put it in his pit. After a while, the man does not refrain and asks him:

Don’t be upset, but why are you still carrying water from the sea?
Because I want to move the sea from its place to my pit.

The man then accomplished something. Like the child, we are each one of us, the ones who consider ourselves adults. We believe we can move the sea into a small pit. We believe that we can comprehend God with our power to understand. Our understanding comes from Him, so to pretend we know everything about Him is childish.

We are afraid to give up control, even if it means limiting the One who can do anything … We are human and we can fail, so it is very difficult for us to conceive that He will never fail. We are creation, and He is the Creator and He knows exactly why He created us … AND yet we set limits … When it is obvious that all we have to do is let God do what He knows with each of us. , just as the sea must remain in its place … Because we have no right or no right if we think we can move it from there.


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